From the Dean

Dear Students, Faculty, Alumni and Student Candidates of Boğaziçi University;
The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (İ.İ.B.F.) is proud to be the most preferred education unit in its field in Turkey for the past 63 years. The departments under our roof—Economics, Business Administration, Political Science and International Relations—accepted a total of 290 students in 2020. These students are among the top 1000 of approximately two and a half million students who took the YKS exam across the country, according to OSYM data. With these results, our faculty achieved the highest success rankings in their fields.
The most successful students in our country prefer our faculty because of its long and rich tradition of excellence, embodied today by our distinguished faculty members, with degrees from the best schools in the world and whose research and teaching is of the highest quality. Students also prefer us for the quality of our graduates, who are known for their high competence and strong ethical values in management, entrepreneurship and research both at home and abroad.
Our main mission is to bring together faculty members with different kinds of expertise and experience in the private, public, and academic sectors to offer the very best training to the next generation of managers, academics and researchers. Our highest priority is to produce students who after their time at Boğaziçi will continue to aim for the top in intellectual activity and scientific research in the private and public sectors. The basis of our educational philosophy, then, is to teach our students in a way that encourages them to discover and research new information beyond what is given, and without being confined to narrow stereotypes. This means raising our students to be their own individuals, while also acculturating them to life in professional society, so that they learn to respect differences, be socially responsible, sensitive to the natural environment, and to do so with the highest ethical standards. This will adapt them to the global business and scientific environment, which prizes social, communication, and critical-thinking skills beyond the ability to recite technical information.
I.I.B.F. has an important place in Turkey’s economic, scientific, bureaucratic and political history, and our academic staff and graduates continue to play a leading role today. We are determined to carry this tradition of success and leadership into the future, to continue adapting and evolving our education program as changing conditions demand, and most importantly to continue raising exemplary individuals in their fields.
With my best wishes,
Prof. R. Metin Ercan
Bogazici University
İ.İ.B.F. Dean

Phone: +90 (212) 359-6809


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